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Textile Tango! We’re shimmying with glee over these terrific textiles!

Textile Tango mood board 1. We're dancing with joy over these terrific textiles

From the brilliant colors of a handmade Peruvian rug to a cotton fleece throw that keeps you toasty warm on a blustery winter day, textiles rule our everyday lives. A silky crushed velvet pillow. Soft and downy bouclé bedding. A traditional classic wool runner. These are the fabrics that grace our living spaces to add flair and personality. To evoke a mood. To create an artist statement.

Textiles come in every color (which we love!) and in every pattern. They’re versatile and forgiving, yet delicate and susceptible. Indoor or outdoor, worn or unfazed, fabrics live a life much like our own. They tell a story, whether light and novel or steeped in rich history. And that’s what I love the most about the textiles I see, touch and feel every day. They’re the pages in the chapters that make up a beloved book of stories.

There are far too many fabrics and textiles to choose as my favorites, but here are a few that I’m loving right now. Take a peek and I hope you enjoy.

Textile Tango mood board 2. We're dancing with joy over these terrific textiles
I love the warm textural elements in Justina Blakeney’s creations (Jungalow) (Lower left)
Lucy Interior Design, Textile Mood Board
Some of my favorite textiles from our Cape Dutch Modern project

Be sure to check back next week, as I have curated special mood boards of my fave Valentine’s Day finds!

XO - Lucy


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