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Artful Living 2023 Spring Edition

My adventures in travel have provided inspiration from near and far. On many levels, they have energized my artist’s eye and never-ending love for color, and they continue to be a motivating force in the designs we create at Lucy Interiors.

Bringing Morocco to Minnesota

One location has held a special place in my heart; the North African country of Morocco, where in Marrakesh, I found inspiration beyond my wildest dreams. Fully immersed into one of Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures, I embarked on a journey that not only established my love for Moroccan cuisine and beyond, but also the desire to bring this delight for the senses back to my home in Minnesota.

Sharing the Inspiration

When approached by Artful Living magazine to share my stories of Moroccan inspiration, I felt it important to go beyond a conversation surrounding interior design and to offer a remembrance of my visit there as a whole. And what better way to do so than by having an intimate dinner party to showcase my love for both Moroccan design and cuisine.

I called upon two talented individuals to help lay the foundation for an amazing gathering: Lisa Evidon, stylist extraordinaire with a Midas touch for finessing a scene, and brilliant local cookbook author and personal chef Stephanie Meyer, who helped me curate an unbelievably delectable dinner filled with the true flavors of Morocco.

It was an evening full of color, style, beautiful food and fantastic friends. One that I’ll never forget. 

You can experience this wonderment through the incredible words of Jennifer Blaise Kramer by reading the full article here. She crafted a retelling of this spectacular event that is a must read, but perhaps I’m a bit biased. Take a peek below for some serious eye-candy from my Moroccan dinner, brought to you by Spacecrafting.

All of my favorite Moroccan colors, decor, and flavors are here in this scene. Salty, sweet, and wonderfully warm.
Drinks at the Cape Dutch bar!

A honey, lemon, and mint-infused gin cocktail is kept chilled by floral ice spheres from Minnesota Ice.

Flowers and lemon branches highlight a tablescape for eight.

Ready to serve with chef Stephanie Meyer. A dreamy collaboration.

To die for! Just look at those gorgeous colors and that amazing food!

An orange almond cake so decadent that we celebrate with a bottle of Schramberg Blanc de Blancs.


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