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Lucy Interior Design, Color Creative Mood Board

Crushing on color!

The spirit is high from the full moon and I’m thinking in vigorous color! From the rich tones in our Parisienne Moderne salon to the sweetly soft hues in our Bridgehampton Summer House, every color of the rainbow has a place on my paint palette. From the juicy goodness of a citrus orange to the swirling blues of the deep ocean waters, color defines + empowers + enhances our lives. It’s an integral part of expression and it sets the stage to convey a mood or vibe or particular state of mind. It’s bold. It’s delicate. It’s vibrant. It’s intriguing. There are endless combinations and a lifetime of possibilities to explore and to experiment with. Color is everything. And it’s what I love most in the world of design.

Lucy Interior Design, Color Creative Mood Board

Check back next week for more of my Style by Lucy Mood Boards. I’ll be prepping for a party! Let’s SoirĂ©e!

XO - Lucy

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