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Lovely Loo Mood Boards

Lucy Interior Design, Lovely Loos
The banana leaf wallpaper that lines the alcove of our Cape Dutch master bath (bottom left) complements the crisp whites of the tub and tile, creating an earthy yet mod vibe.

In British English, the term “loo” is often used as an alternative for bathroom. While a common reference to rooms without tubs or showers, we find the nickname fitting for any of our bathrooms, as they’re just as sweet and charming as the word itself.

The loo needs some love, too.

Bathrooms need not be sterile and boring. Let’s make these private spaces worth spending a little time in. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat to soak away the stress of a long day or a vibrant and colorful powder room for guests to freshen up in, go the extra mile and give your loo a little love.

When it comes to design, I love to start with the unexpected. Perhaps it’s a special wallpaper that instantly makes a bathroom feel like a spa. Maybe it’s a custom built vanity that’s as secretly functional as it is incredibly beautiful. It can even be something as simple as framed artwork that invokes a happy, cheerful vibe. Dare to seek out the unexpected. It could turn a typical space into a fab one.

Lucy Interior Design, Lovely Loos

From lighting and mirrors to sinks and tile, there are a plethora of unique styles and designs to dig into. Don’t be shy when exploring options! Bring your personality into the mix. And don’t forget those ever important accessories that can easily change with the trends. From hand towels to flower vases and soap dishes, sometimes the little changes are just as impactful as the big ones.

Lucy Interior Design, Lovely Loos
A custom mural wraps the walls of this powder room making visitors feel like they’ve just walked into a glorious jungle.

A colleague once told me a story about her best friend’s childhood home. Inside was a powder room so wonderful that she can still remember it to this day. She recalls the moody lighting. The black toilet and tiles. And a richly flocked floral wallpaper so beautiful and amazing, that she touched the walls every time she visited the room. It was unlike anything she had ever seen in a home before. It was a true delight.

Who would have thought that out of all the rooms in a home, a tiny powder room would have left that wonderful of an impression. What a lovely example of how design impacts even the smallest rooms in a house.

XO - Lucy


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