Moms the Word: Happy Mother’s Day

Moms are the best. They are all Super Stars! Caretakers. Best friends. Teachers. Personal Assistants. Your #1 FAN. It’s hard to pinpoint just one reason why we love our moms so much, because of all the amazing things—big and small—they do. Basically, mothers deserve all the praise they can get. Here’s a look at our moms, and how they shaped who we are, and how they inspire and motivate us every day. Love you mom!

Lucy Interior Design, Mom's the Word-Lucy

Lucy + mom Margee

“My mom loves collections! Gathering favorite minatures and china, mom has sweet vignettes throughout her house. Mom has always loved finding a diamond in the rough, a special keepsake from a trip, or a far-flung destination. I still remember so clearly the beautiful kimono she brought home from Tokyo that she hung in the living room with a bamboo rod. The colors were glorious. And she has inspired me to gather pretties and unusual treasures from special trips. Mom loves to tell a story through these one-of-a-kind pieces and although they maybe a bit random, they are meaningful to her. Mom has passed along this curiosity and love for learning about all cultures to her grand daughters as well. Corrie and Elizabeth are gatherers of art and fun finds along their daily journeys.

I am always on the hunt! From neighborhood jaunts to far-flung travel, I pick up things not always sure where they will go. But I love them and I know I will use them someday—either in a client’s project or in my home. I turned bedspreads from India into draperies for my dining room. And in my den, we’ve used Mexican blankets as drapery and layered in pillows from Guatemala. These pieces aren’t just beautiful, they transport me back to where and when I first fell in love with them. That first ooo-la-la! reminds me that life is truly an adventure. Uncovering an agate on the northshore or collecting faded wildflowers, it all tickles my fancy. Thanks mom for encouraging me to be curious and interested in so many people, places, and things. And thank you teaching me to put happy memories in my heart and a smile on my face! LOVE YOU!”

Lucy Interior Design, Mom's the Word-Stephanie

Stephanie + mom Vicki

“We lived in a 1,200 square foot house growing up—with five people space was tight, but everything had its place. And my mom made it beautiful. She loves little collections. A  glass display of Precious Moments figurines and a Christmas Village collection took up most of our living room. But mom was always changing things up and trying out new things. Our house constantly evolved as we all did.

Mom has always encouraged me to be myself—even when I painted my room hot pink in high school! (She even supported me hanging a hammock in there, too) Our styles are very different—but they represent who we are: She is more classic and traditional, while I’m drawn more to vintage and modern design. Mom is so caring and thoughtful, ALWAYS doing things for others. She is a great role model as a mother, which she learned from her mother, my Grandma Darlene. And I’ve also learned so much from my sister Melissa. I feel lucky to have learned from the best moms!”

Lucy Interior Design, Mom's the Word-Betsy

Betsy + mom Denise

“My mom is always so fun and we love hanging out together. My mom is a style icon. She always had the best clothes to play dress-up with growing up: I loved wearing her blazers and dresses—and she always had really classy heels. I loved going into her closet and doing a fashion show. Mom influenced my appreciation for design and fashion.

I grew up in a traditional 1930s home in a suburb of Minneapolis. We have this closet in the hallway where my mom kept all the holiday decorations in boxes. It was always so much fun when the holidays were coming and we would bring out the box with all the decorations and put them up. Today I am an over-the-top holiday decorator! I have three times more decorations than we had growing up—and I live in an apartment. Thanks mom for passing on your style!”

Lucy Interior Design, Mom's the Word-Ryan

Ryan + mom Kim

“I grew up on a farm in a small town in central Minnesota. A real, old farmhouse, not like the idealistic kind of Joanna Gaines “farmhouse”.  My mom’s style was super functional, probably in part because she’s a mother of six—three boys and three girls—and the first four of us were born within five years. Plus she did daycare from our home: There were always kids around the house—from newborn babies to teenagers. Everything was focused on creating a safe, functional—and easily cleanable—space for kids and the family.

And mom was always working on house projects—we went through two major construction projects while I was growing up. I mean, for the longest time we only had one shower! But most of the projects that happened throughout my childhood were my mother’s DIY projects. With each one she showed us all that with a little hard work and elbow grease you can make a house into a home.”


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