Making Space for Mindfulness

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Our homes have become our sanctuaries and it’s more necessary than ever to carve out your own oasis. A literal space in the topsy-turvy world of today with all the nurturing elements that bring us peace and tranquility. An area that is calming, peaceful, relaxed. Where you can have a seat and feel the sun warm your shoulders and release the stress of the day. 

We are finding that these escapes—wellness rooms or wellness studios—have been replacing the gym for many of our clients lately: they are designed not with physical strength as the goal, but rather mental health in mind. It’s about creating a quiet physical space, with no TV, no computer, no technology, to find peace and balance, a calming space to breathe in and out and focus on what’s important.

A client invited us to create a wellness space in what had been a guest loft above her carriage garage. An Iyengar trained yoga instructor, our client wished for a place where she could sneak away for a little yoga—maybe have a few yogis join in for a private session. This very serene setting is perfect for slowing down and focusing on mindfulness and mental health.

The room itself is long and our approach was to split it up into three areas: the yoga studio space accommodates a few mats or a massage table to do Reiki energy work; a meditation corner with plants, a Buddha statue and candles for quiet; and finally a little lounge space with a daybed that can work as either her private escape or a guest suite.

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Goodbye tech, hello enlightenment

The yoga studio space was inspired by the lotus, an  iconic symbol of purity, life and rebirth. We removed the television from this wall and hung the lotus art, brought in wooden and weathered brass pedestal bowls to make a home for crystals and sage bundles. And, of course, space for yoga mats to unfurl. Lay back, close your eyes, focus on your breath to clear the mind and regain focus.

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Welcome to the zen zone

The meditation space is surrounded by plants, crystals, and candles. Soft light filters through a woven screen. And the round sisal rug connects and is a great way to ground a space, that maybe you’re just borrowing from a larger space, like the living room or your bedroom. Create a little escape, whether it’s for meditation, relaxation or just to breathe in a small corner.

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Daydream believer

This guest space is centered around the daybed. It’s layered with cozy pillows and surrounded by soft stroke artwork. We love the shoji lamp in the corner with the soft glow—nothing harsh—to inspire soft thoughts and sweet dreams.

Throughout this room, we painted everything white as a soothing backdrop. Muted down softer blushes and cream are paired with earthen accents— it’s such a soft palette, downy and feathery. Rattan, bamboo and natural branches, dried heather, and pieces reminiscent of Sedona clay help ground the space and evoke the soothing presence of nature. Light filters in, dappled through grass shades and woven screens. You’ll find plants, crystals—rose quartz, white geodes—candles and blankets in every area. Never underestimate the power of beautiful things to help relieve stress. Pieces that bring you calm and joy are nourishing for the soul and spirit.

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A special feature of this space is the old fashioned Finnish sauna. Saunas have long helped aid in relaxation and reduce stress; there is a kind of magic hidden inside the Löyly or the heat and steam rising off the rocks of the sauna stove.

But you don’t need a sauna or large room to devote wellness to create a sense of retreat: Catch your zen and create the chill vibe that provides the feelings of peace we all need. What’s important is to make a happy place where you can feel free and be good to yourself.


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