Lucy’s Lucky Charms

How do you give life to a blank canvas—a tablescape, a room, a house, anywhere? How do you invoke emotion and feeling? Make it calming or exciting? Changing a mood or enhancing one? Elegant or easy-going?

Lucy’s Lucky Charms!

To really get a sense of what you want the space to look and feel like, think about your dreams and wishes. And from there, free your mind by doodling or a mind maze. Then…

Think Like an Artist—Be Inspired!

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It’s time for blue sky thinking— brainstorming without limits—like an artist with a blank canvas in front of them. Be

inspired by your travels, a book, painting, or a place. Then put on your artist hat and get out your tools: A painter’s palette and brushes, or markers, pencils, crayons, whatever makes sense for you. Recall the beauty and create a masterpiece. Big or small, make it yours. To design something that is spectacular and memorable, don’t hesitate to show the world your talents. Your home is a canvas and you need to finish it with your signature.

Design Your Quilt—Tell Your Story!

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We all have a story: Your story is a beautiful quilt, layered with past, present and future dreams. The quilt is another blank canvas. Gather all of your past stories and relationships and legacies and history. These become the fabric patches that you’re bringing together. A time-traveling quilt, patched with beauty, to tell your story. Sometimes it’s layered and torn and frayed around the edges. And that’s okay! That’s what makes it rich. As designers, we help our clients design their own unique quilt. Your story will unfold for the next generation, your legacy. What does your quilt look like? What would it say about you? Don’t hide it, lay it out for all to see.

Sprinkle Fairy Dust—Enter Tinkerbell!

Lucy Interior Design, Lucy's Luck Charms 3

Who doesn’t love Tinkerbell?! Just picture her: She’s sweet, just twittering around, sprinkling fairy dust and waving her wand to create a little magic. Have an open mind for new ideas. Allow the possibility that Tinkerbell is going to come into your home and do her magic. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? She may sprinkle magic dust, so be ready for her. Be surprised by what unfolds while meandering down the path of creativity and design. Designers carry their magic dust, sprinkling it about and waving their magic wands, allowing that magic to happen.

Show Your Wild Card—Shuffle Up the Deck!

Lucy Interior Design, Lucy's Luck Charms 4

Now that Tinkerbell has arrived—and she has waved her wand of wonder—we’re going to take it a step further. Show your wild card, like The Joker in the standard deck. Like a tarot reading, a wild card appears creating pizzazz. It’s for when you’ve pulled the room or the tablescape or the vignette together and you stand back and you say, “It’s good, but it’s not great.” Bringing the excitement that adds theatrics, creating curiosity. The unexpected card invites conversation. Pick a wild card for every room and these unexpected elements will tantalize. (Break the rules—and have fun!) Make your space and your quilt more interesting—be bold and go for it!  It’s about the joy of the unexpected, giving yourself the permission to try something really funky and love it.

Scatter Lucky Charms—Showcase Your Favorite Finds!

Lucy Interior Design, Lucy's Luck Charms 5

Yes, we’re talking about those little marshmallow rainbows and unicorns. Channel your inner child when sorting out your Lucky Charms from the everyday ho-hum. Like how you would dig through a bowl of cereal and get all those pretty pastel little sugar pops. Those frosting colors, the envy of all those plain pieces, are your inspiration for filling your house. Scattering “pretties” around your home will bring joy and make your friends swoon! Pack up those unwanted things (don’t dampen the mood) and in their place share treasures from travels and family heirlooms. Scattered surprises are like a little treasure hunt path throughout your home.

Design Your Cape—Show Your Spirit!

Lucy Interior Design, Lucy's Luck Charms 6

Create your own Superhero! From Marvel to DC, we can all relate to a superhero. So channel your inner Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman and embrace your own superpowers. Define and fine-tune your super qualities, talents and abilities. Being a superhero is about what you do and what you believe. And it’s about choosing what to do with the powers you have. Being a voice of clarity or bringing a fresh perspective are superpowers in the right hands. Design your cape, tell your superhero origin story. Give it color and pattern: Is it soft and serene or is it dark and moody? Are you sunny and optimistic or are you mysterious and otherworldly? Don’t hold back, put on your cape and show the world your superpowers. Empower yourself to lead the way!

Strut Like a Peacock—Make a Statement

Lucy Interior Design, Lucy's Luck Charms 7

Now that you have your cape on, it’s time to strut like a peacock. Fan your feathers in full plume! Embrace how you have blossomed through this process. Say blah to trends, blah to safe, blah to bland! Embrace new levels of confidence, remove any safety nets, and leap with abandon into the unknown. Be surprised by—and love—what you create. Say hello to your inner peacock, who never follows a flock. Choose a wild wallpaper or bold paint color. Find your flair and your guests will love it—and you will love showing it to them!

Be a Mix Master—Shake It Up!

Lucy Interior Design, Lucy's Luck Charms 8

Just when you think you were done, mix it up and create your own signature blend. Like a celebrity chef or mixologist, create your own original recipe. Take all the pieces and zest and flavors and mix it up, blending design styles. Beachy meets desert zen. Minimalist meets the Maximalist. Garden blooms meet Pop-art brights. Come up with your own concoction: take your own style and shake it up, creating a new signature blend! Think about how everything relates to each other, how they live together, how to involve all of your senses. Start with a dinner party and serve up in style!


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