Introducing the Lucy Penfield collection!

Lucy Penfield Collection
Lucy Penfield Collection

We love pillows and we *really* love dazzling pillows that are fun and conversational and never too serious. Pillows can be something that just make you feel good. Just pop one on the sofa and it’s an instant spirit lifter.

Which is why we’re so excited to tell you about (drum roll please)…the Lucy Penfield collection! From the artists in Cape Town markets to Matisse to Mondrian, we were inspired to create pieces for the art lovers and the fashion fans and for everyone who wants to bring some art and joy and, of course, COLOR, into their home.

It’s our way of offering you a chance to add a dash of that truly artistic sentiment to your home, all in signature Lucy color, of course. 

Now let’s take a look at what inspired each of these different kicky pillow party designs!

Lucy Penfield Collection: Cheer Me Up

We love this abstract Mondrian-inspired design with clean lines and color blocking. This minimalist design is high energy with shades of cherry or ocean blues.

Lucy Penfield Collection: Celestial Mod

Guided by the sun, we scattered cutouts to create this print. The black and white is about the pull of the positive and negative and that childlike fun of playing with your shapes. it kind of takes on a different feel depending on which side you decide is up!

Lucy Penfield Collection: Day Brightener

This pillow is meant to sweep you away in our signature happy shades of pink and green. These wonderful blossoms spilling over a color block are like a fresh glass of lemonade (spirits optional!) or waking up to the chirping birds of paradise and an ocean view on Oahu’s North Shore.

Lucy Penfield Collection: Layers of Love

This design actually came to life as a paper collage. Silhouetted leaves are kind of floating like a dance party over blocks of color. These vibrant colors are all Gasparilla Island and bring this feeling of floating dreamily on a beach with a cool breeze.

Lucy Penfield Collection: Moonlight Palms

Inspired by the memory of strolling under the moon late at night, you know when you go to the beach and you hear the waves gently lapping the shore as you walk barefoot, your head tilted back admiring the starry night sky. It’s that moment of catching glimpses of the night sky between the leaves.

Lucy Penfield Collection: Onward Collection

These simplistic, organic lines were inspired by the handcrafted textures and designs we saw in the markets of Cape Town. This graphic mud cloth print is offered in a variety of colorways so you can be as colorful and playful as your heart desires.

Lucy Penfield Collection: Pinwheel Bliss

A classic navy and white awning stripe sets the scene and invites cutouts of blues and (some green)! Splashes of sky and ocean and grass shapes are scattered about as if they have blown around like a child catching the wind with a pinwheel.

Lucy Penfield Collection: Playtime Moonlight

Geometric lines and shapes create a rhythm of circles and forms on this dazzling design. This one is for the symmetry lover in all of us. Do you see a half moon or a full moon when you look at it? Squint, and maybe you’ll find something else entirely! It’s meant to be the kind of print that stirs up your imagination

Lucy Penfield Collection: Whimsical Dance

Designed with softer pales like teal and peach, but with the same organic cut outs you’ll find in a few of our other designs. “Toss it and see where it lands” —it looks so different each way you place it. A fun secret: there’s a hidden L in the design. Let us know if you find it!

Lucy Penfield

And with each pillow, add a  Giving Charm, our signature handcrafted tassel pom made by artisans in Mexico. Each one is hand selected by Lucy for a little extra flair! Clip it on to a loop on the corner of each pillow, or a lampshade or a dresser knob or wherever your heart beckons. Or in the spirit of giving, share it with a friend — it makes such a fab addition to a gift tag! The Giving Charm is all about spreading the Lucy joy!

Shop the Lucy Penfield Collection now!

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