In The Swing: One Space, So Many Styles

gn, In the Swing

When it comes to entertaining, we pour it on! At Lucy we love designing for parties – and thought it would be fun to show you different ways to create party playful settings. A little re-style and voila, you can see how even a few small changes add up to a big wow! The outdoor pergola and swing is the star of the show and the perfect stage for setting a scene. Now, to have fun dolling it up! Check out our 10 STEPS to Party Fun under the Pergola!

Every show needs curtains

So get ready for the curtain call! Take down the “blah” plain-colored drapery panels and replace them with kicky striped ones, adding a playful, carnival-like vibe. And three is the magic number here: two panels on a tie back would create more of a room-drapery feeling, but three panels adds fullness and truly filters out the bright sunlight while also creating a cozy hideaway.

♥ Add a ceiling layer under the pergola structure to create a room-like feeling

We stapled up 48” wide bamboo fencing as another ceiling layer to provide texture and a twinkling sunlight filter. Just $20 a roll for reed bamboo fencing from the local hardware store. Use a premium staple, not just your every day!

Change up the mood with murals

For the finale, we hung a fan palm mural along the back to cozy up the mood and just because we love to style, we did a little set change with a second sunshiney one to swap out later. A wall hanging doesn’t have to be expensive – ours were both from Society 6, 100% polyester so get this…they are also wash + wear. No fuss with the Lucy Crew. Toss them in the wash to soften up, and they will flutter in the breeze adding a big punch of fun.

♥ Roll out the rug

Roll out an 8×10 outdoor rug to extend your lounge and create that outdoor room. A few appetizers and cocktails and you are ready to entertain. We think this black + white color scheme is a great go-to for any style!

gn, In the Swing

It can all be changed out so easily – and is wash and wear because even the best behaved guest can have an oopsie. With just a staple gun and an idea we created the ideal backdrop—and a touch of drama—for anything from a playful party to a napping nook. And we gave the space instant privacy and coziness, so important in either of those situations. But now comes the real fun part: Setting the stage with accessories! And we always go a little crazy styling. Don’t be afraid to add lots of layers, that creates visual interest and invites curiosity and conversation.

Lanterns-Let their be light

To expand our room vignette, we added oversized lanterns, beautiful 42-inch-tall iron metal in our modern B + W room, and white painted Moroccan lanterns for a breezier Boho space.

Plants of course

Yes, Plants galore-palms, succulents, hanging plants, we love our GREEN—and mirrored sunburst mirrors— to lower the ceiling height and create an intimate mood. For a dreamy vibe we brought in all the plants we could get our hands on, and added macramé planters, natch.

Tables of every size

Every party needs places for edibles + cocktails, tables of every style and size were perfectly. Woven garden drums or a faux-grass ottoman can serve as resting places for a charcuterie board or a glass of rosé, or to pull up seating for an extra guest.

Pillows Galore

We dove into the Lucy Penfield Collection of pillows to up the color ante with each design. Pinks dappled with red for a playful touch. Black + white always for a crisp and clean modern feel. Blues + greens for a tropical sea breeze appeal. And a little backstage secret: King size bed pillows are the perfect backing to plump up your party lounge pillows + certainly perfect for mid-day nap!

Party Animals

Every event needs something—or someone—a little wild. So we brought in our zen frog garden statue for a little boho mood and Pinky our flamingo mascot for a flirty feel. Pixel the chihuahua—the star of the show—approves!

gn, In the Swing
Pixel approves!

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