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Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market

And We’re Off!

Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market

That’s right, after months yearning to travel the world to see beauty, I dusted off my travel totes + design journal and flew to North Carolina for much needed flair. The week-long immersion in the world’s largest industry trade show at High Point Market, meant my calendar was packed full of fun meetings + design events from showrooms + vendors the world over. Tracking over 14K steps daily, I uncovered rare finds + wild card treasures + met many new friends. Always room on my dance card to add one more design thrill, there was no time to sleep, for this adventure seeking girl loves to find hidden gems. So below, I have highlighted just a few found delights bubbling up at High Point.

Love for nostalgic. Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market

A Return to Vintage

Embracing old and new in a fresh modern way. As a storyteller, I love creating what connects us and tells a story through time. Similar to time-travel, beautiful design is like peeking through a looking glass or a time machine. It’s about what feels good, the sentimentality of your story and those special objects from lifelong travels and family treasures. Each design story (or room) reminds us of how those we love lived, so we’re kind of passing it on and paying tribute. Wandering through the halls of the Vintage + Antique Market in the basement of Historic Market Square was the highlight for me. Like a homing pigeon, I found myself heading back there each day to uncover yet another objet or art. A large modern abstract painting alongside a French Louis XIV velvet chair and worn leather Barcelona chair looked like comfortable friends. And there was definitely a call back to the Memphis Design movement of the 80s, graphic patterns, black + white + bold COLOR!

Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market
The Dream Come True Building in Shoreditch, East London
Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market
Peter Shire’s Bel Air Chair
Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market
Anna Karlin’s Pattern Chesspiece Stool

Lucy’s tip: Go straight to the Vintage + Antique Market. It is beyond fabulous—over 200 dealers come from all over—and I was on the hunt! Artwork, textiles, vintage benches, chairs, little objets d’art. Circle around several times to find the hidden gems! We loved David Bell Antiques and Art Lady Archaic.

Art for All. Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market

Art Prevails

Art shines! At High Point, art is for everyone-mixing high + low, collected + new artists mixed with young + old. ART ART ART! Wildly colored abstracts to precise oils and graphic acrylics, whatever suits your fancy. We love leaning small pieces on an old etagere or in the library behind piles of books. There were so many great art resources that were peppered within every showroom. Do you want something sexy and romantic or bold and graphic? Prints or originals? Whatever calls your attention becomes your drawing card. And that helps you create your own signature.

We loved: Regina Andrew’s Calder-inspired giant steel mobile + Currey & Company Mondrian-inspired wall mural.

Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market
Regina Andrew’s Mod Mobile

Lucy Love Color. Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market

Color Connection

I know, that’s not surprising-hah! Color energizes + invigorates my soul. There was color galore-bold + pastel + everything earthy. Color for all!

Today, we all gravitate to what feels good, like a warm blanket. And that personal connection with nature and the earthy palette warms sour hearts and nourishes us. This natural, earthy palette was filled with mossy greens + burnt sienna + terra cotta. Spice market shades, so reminiscent of my trip to the souks of Marrakech—yellows and golds so aromatic, I could smell the scents of saffron and curry. Full inspiration for our next collection of textiles + wallpapers! Black + white forever colors—universal colors— were found throughout in graphic art + accessory patterns + African textiles. I love how Black + white plays so perfectly with those earthy shades!

Lucy LOVES: A glorious display of black and white pendants in every size from Aidan Gray‘s Collaboration by Oscar-winning Hollywood icon Diane Keaton.

Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market
Glorious graphic pendants from Aidan Gray’s collection by Diane Keaton

Warm & Weathered. Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market

Tactile Textiles & Textures

Everything tactile-a designer’s dream! The love for touch and textures prevailed throughout. I call it Bouclé all day-hah! Cozy + comfortable was the market calling! Nothing precious nor austere, everything was kind of that warm hug feeling; lots of Sherpa-like fabrics with a soft hand, snuggly + velvety. Sofas upholstered in soft textiles, chandeliers with leather fringe or beads + feathers. Textured finishes that bounce light. Pieces look worn, imperfect. More calm, more comfortable. It’s texture that just feels good, it’s not so formal. It’s a little relaxed. A bit of that pre-loved nostalgic feel, but in new fabrics.

Lucy LOVE: Ngala Trading Co. pendants with leather fringe delights + Baja by Arteriors beaded chandelier tantalizes.

Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market
Contemporary arm chairs in Bouclé

Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market

Hello, Unexpected!

We love breaking rules to create something new and this takes on scale and shape + does so in spades! Meant to invite wonderment and curiosity, the playfulness of shapes—say hello to beautiful curves and see ya later to boring boxy straight lines—plus this new scale makes for bold, unexpected, FUN! Think a stunning boudoir chair, or a sexy sofa surround that invites all to sink in. Inspired by the 70’s with a modern + fresh twist. A decorating adventure where anything goes!

Lucy LOVES: Dark, moody rooms with sexy curves. Check out Lucy’s Parisienne Sanctuary to explore this luxurious vibe!

Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market
A scene from our Parisienne Moderne

Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market

Channeling the Artist Within

An artisan approach to everything! We are ALL artists- and we have all tapped into our inner artist the last few months, and we saw it all here. The way the products were designed, and vignettes were styled, so many pieces were created with unusual + unexpected + unconventional finishes to entice curiosity and touch. And a mix of finishes, too. Everything felt handmade, the feeling of one-of-a-kind. Think Papier-mâché gesso vases, classic burlwood with a blonde refresh, textiles and baskets from Africa + South America. Personal expression again with the imperfections in the character. It’s all personality driven and an opening of the gates so that everyone can access + tell their own story.

Lucy LOVES: Ro Sham Beaux exotic flair + Mecox vintage bamboo chairs + textiles.

Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market
Papier-mâché by
Karen Tam
Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market
Mecox burl wood bedside table
Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market
Rwandan crafted baskets

Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market

We’re excited to share a new chapter in our story! Lucy has been chosen as one of High Point Market’s 2022 Style Spotters! She will be donning her power binoculars, Wonder Woman cape, and hot colored track shoes to cover the miles and miles of HPMKT beauty! Lucy can’t wait to bring you all the newest + greatest the market has to offer this upcoming spring. Be sure to follow along!

Lucy Interior Design, High Point Market

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