Future of Home Hot Highlights

Lucy Interior Design, Future of Home

Back in the saddle in NYC and it felt so good! I joined design friends + fab celebrities at the Future of Home 2021 event at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea. Presented by Business of Home Podcast Host, Dennis Scully + Editor in Chief, Kaitlin Petersen, the two-day design immersion into the future was mind blowing! Collaboration, inspiration, and creativity ruled the day. My journal is brimming with great quotes + doodles from all the fun. Lucky #6 for the HOT HOT HOTS of the conference. Get ready for it!

1. Stay Curious + Keep Learning with Martha Stewart + Jim Shreve

Lucy Interior Design, Future of Home

Martha Stewart is truly amazing, she is a whirling dervish, never sitting still + always creating. Baccarat’s North American President + CEO, Jim Shreve, has turned Baccarat into a fashion player from collaborations with Kentucky Derby + Martha, the original influencer, shows that we must all stay relevant and be fully engaging—at any age!—‘till the day we’re off this planet! We must always remain open to learning. Martha’s friendship with Snoop Dog delights all of us. And thanks Jim for creating a Baccarat Martha-Rita .

Sizzling Hot Takeaway:  Stay Curious + always expanding your universe! Thanks Martha + Jim

2. Have Flit + Flair with Fashion Designer Christian Siriano

Lucy Interior Design, Future of Home

Fashion Designer, Christian Siriano floats in his own universe—designing for the Met Gala, Emmys, and home design all at once. He boldly bridges two worlds of design and doesn’t feel like he needs to pick a lane. Lili Reinhart’s dress for the Met Gala, a custom sheer pink flower appliqué corseted gown showcased all 50 state flowers, just a few hours before Christian appeared on our stage to dazzle all! Clearly existing in his own Metaverse,  Christian draws upon his connections between the worlds of home and fashion.

Sizzling Hot Takeaway: Inspired by fashion + runway shows, design our homes to sizzle!

3. Welcome to the Metaverse with Noah Davis of Christie’s

Blockchains and crypto and NFTs, oh my! Noah Davis, Postwar and Contemporary Art specialist at Christie’s—and head of sales for the department’s online-only First Open auction — demystified the virtual landscape. The metaverse is just WOW. There are so many opportunities to dive into this fully realized digital world. We can truly be together online. There’s so much hype for a reason with many exciting innovations to uncover and explore! My brain was exploding!

Sizzling Hot Takeaway:
Now’s the time to become an explorer of the great digital future. It’s time to buy our first NFT!

4. Passionate Storytelling with Futurist Adam Davidson

Lucy Interior Design, Future of Home

We are officially in a storytelling century! Adam Davidson, author of The Passion Economy, says the new 21st century is about connecting. Authentically telling your story, Adam called it the age for a passionate engagement. A time for fresh ideas + creating special experiences. Thanks Adam for speaking our language; as designers our priority is creating beauty and memorable experiences for our wonderful clients. Combining what you love with what you do—aka all of our favorite things!

Sizzling Hot Takeaway: Passion is, was, and always will be, the best driving force!

5. The Roaring Twenties Redux with Futurist Jared Weiner

Lucy Interior Design, Future of Home

The Roaring 2020’s are here again! Put on your Gatsby best + embrace culture, travel, and leisure. Futurist, Jared Weiner says our relationship to time and innovation is just getting faster—he calls it Templosion. It’s all about momentum. Acceleration too, and, yes, indulging! Design is both the foundation and the differentiator. Be inspired by all things global, immerse yourselves in all things, don’t hold back, for the time is NOW!

Sizzling Hot Takeaway: The past is oh SO passé, embrace the luxe of the new reality! 

6. Move With Swagger with Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler

Lucy Interior Design, Future of Home

It’s a time for creativity and change: to think differently! Be a visionary + don’t be a fossil. It’s all about being true to yourself, authentically YOU! Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler are both very true to who they are, they are NOT afraid to take risks with color, style + design. Be smart, don’t be dull and boring. They’re not afraid to be cheeky and show their true personality. BE Yourself.

Sizzling Hot Takeaway:  Embrace your internal maximalist and do it with SWAGGER!


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