Calling All Superheroes!

You don’t have to be able to fly or shapeshift or move objects with your mind (although those would be fun!) to be a hero! It’s about choosing what to do with the powers you have. As designers, we have to show up every day and be there 100%. Bringing the sunshine, a voice of clarity or a fresh perspective. These are all superpowers in the right hands. Being a superhero is about what you believe. And we believe in creating beauty and joy! And yes, a little color!

Some days that’s easier than others. We all feel a little off kilter sometimes. That’s when we need our superpowers the most. So, we decided that we all needed a little kickstart in the super hero realm. So, first we turned on Spotify to get our groove on, read from a few inspirational books and thought leaders and tapped into our creativity—the superpower we share as the Lucy Design Team!

We channeled our favorite superheroes and their super qualities, talents and abilities to define and fine-tune our own. Just like any other design project, we gathered ideas, tore out images from magazines, used markers, paints, colored pencils and paper to create and collage our own capes.

Feeling fully empowered and ready for anything that comes our way, we would like to introduce you to the LUCY CREW SUPERHEROES!

Stephanie: Heart Star

Lucy Interior Design, Superhereos 1

“Inspired by Moana, from the Disney movie, I relate to her headstrong and strong willed style. Although she has moments of self-doubt, Moana has great pride in who she is and loves new challenges. Generally very stubborn, Moana does not back away from anything, especially when someone tells her she cannot. Moana always finds strength and will power to get it done. Moana will become a chief in a tribal community and her collar shows strength and presence, but isn’t flashy or showy. So I designed a collar, the most important part of a cape. Because she loves adventure, the collar doesn’t hold Moana back from her physical abilities. It has a small heart located on the bottom corner because she wears her heart on her sleeve for all the world to see … and she is very proud of that.”

Betsy: Optimistic Peacemaker

Lucy Interior Design, Superhereos 2

“I was thinking about my superpower and how I’m different from everyone in the studio. I am optimistic. And words that I relate to, like; smiley, childlike, hopeful, cheerful, positive, encouraging. And the superhero I most relate to is, Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls. She has always been my favorite! What I like most abot Bubbles, is that on the outside she’s so sweet, but she can be just as strong and powerful as everybody else. Bubbles’ blue dress inspired the blue theme for my cape. And I knew I wanted it to be like fun and childlike. Kind of whimsical. So, I layered many different patterns with a collage of flower cutouts, with bright, happy, fun colors. And then on the back side, I made that dark and moody. So on the outside it’s sweet and bubbly, but then when you turn the cape over, it’s dark and strong.”

Ryan: Compassionate Aura

Lucy Interior Design, Superhereos 3

“Aurora is one of the least known superheroes that you don’t see too often. And she has a very interesting backstory, but I just took her name, more literally, because I thought it would be cool to have a superpower in which I could see people’s auras. And in that way, I could tell how they are feeling, what they’re thinking, whether they’re in pain, or in trouble. I’d be able to see it through their aura, and then I’d be able to help them. Because if somebody is presenting like, ‘everything’s awesome,’ but you’re able to see that they’re really in a lot of pain, I could interact with them in a completely different way. I took inspiration from the starburst at the shoulder of one of Aurora’s costumes And then I turned that into a circle, like an aura radiating off of other people, adding different colors as a kind of influence like different moods that people might be feeling and the aura that they’re expressing.”

Lucy: Radiant Energy

Lucy Interior Design, Superhereos 4

“Wonder Woman is the original female superhero, designed in the 40’s, and I am inspired by her brave spirit. She wants to do the right thing, be good, show beauty and light. As an ambassador for peace, Wonder Woman is driven by compassion and love. She’s thoughtful and strong, opinionated and outgoing. She’s a leader and instills beauty and wonderment in other people. Inspired by Wonder Woman’s strength and courage, I designed my own cape to be radiant, energetic, and iridescent. It’s magical and I put it on to not only empower but also to protect. Almost like a shield to offer protection, I need to be prepared for anyone and anything that comes my way. The radiant color and energy empowers while the black and white grounds to provide strength, and the animal print is fiery and unexpected. My cape is bold, beautiful and layered.”


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